Jessica Jones Is Still (Very) Angry In New Trailer For Season 2


In little over two weeks, everyone’s favourite alcoholic superhero private eye will return to our screens in Jessica Jones season 2. And now, ahead of the arrival of the hit Marvel show, Netflix has dropped a third trailer that lightly teases what Krysten Ritter’s anti-heroine will be getting up to.

As you can see, the promo is a mix of fresh material from the upcoming season and some memorable clips from the first run that remind us what kind of person Jessica is. The most interesting sequence sees her attending anger management classes – which don’t go too well, to say the least. It’s clear that Jessica is still all over the place even after killing Kilgrave at the end of the previous season (and saving the world from the Hand, in the meantime).

Of course, this trailer is just the latest example of Marvel and Netflix keeping a very tight lid on what’s in store in Jessica Jones season 2. The most illuminating preview was the second one, which teased the answers Jessica will find out about her past, particularly the experiments conducted on her by mysterious organization IGH that led to her getting her powers.

It also hinted that they created another much more dangerous person with similar abilities. Rumour has it that this surprise villain could be comic book character Typhoid Mary, who’s usually connected with Daredevil. But that’s yet to be confirmed and probably won’t be until the show arrives.

We do know, however, that David Tennant will be returning as Kilgrave, despite having had his neck snapped the last time we saw him. There are lots of theories rolling around about how he could be back – the most sensible is that he’ll only appear as a hallucination of Jessica’s. As we can see in this trailer, she is still suffering from the trauma of what the would-be purple man did to her, so that’s certainly possible.

Either way, all will be revealed when Jessica Jones season 2 hits Netflix on March 8th.