Jessica Jones Clips Feature David Tennant’s Kilgrave Doing His Thing


Friday is Jessica Jones day, and to build even more excitement, Marvel and Netflix have released a couple of clips from their latest collaborative effort, giving us a look at the villainous Kilgrave (David Tennant) in action.

The character, who’s known as Purple Man in the comics, can make someone do whatever he pleases just by saying it, and here we see how effective that particular superpower can be.

In the first sneak peek, Kilgrave does what many of us might be tempted to do if we had mind-control powers, and cheats at a high-stakes poker game – but the second sees him up to much more sinister business indeed.

Tennant’s character enters the home of a couple and their young child, and proceeds to settle down for dinner. We don’t get to find out whet his exact intentions are here, but they can’t be good – and that last shot of him cleaning the knife does not bode well for his captives.

All 13 episodes of Jessica Jones will be available to stream on Netflix from Friday. Tell us, are you planning to binge-watch, or work through them slowly?