Jessica Jones Motion Poster Features David Tennant’s Villainous Kilgrave

The first one of these cool motion posters for Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones spotlighted Krysten Ritter as the superheroine of the title, with a glimpse of her sinister nemesis in the background. This time the roles are reversed, as former Doctor Who David Tennant’s Kilgrave, takes center stage.

In Brian Michael Bendis’ comic series, Alias, this guy is really a nasty piece of work, and from the looks of things, this small-screen adaptation is going to stay faithful in that regard… though he may not quite plumb the depths of depravity he does in the source materiel.

The recently released trailer confirmed that, like the Purple Man from the comics, Kilgrave can control people’s minds and force them to do anything he likes – and it just so happens that he likes to force Miss Jones to use her abilities to do some very bad things indeed.

Jessica Jones also stars Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and Rachel Taylor (Trish Walker), and the 13-episode series will premiere on Netflix on November 20th, 2015.