Jessica Jones And The Punisher Are Safe On Netflix For Now


It’s a scary, uncertain time to be a fan of Marvel’s Netflix shows. I mean, it’s almost as if Thanos has become a Netflix executive, as the past few weeks have seen The Defendersrelated series halved with both Iron Fist and Luke Cage being cut from the platform. Seeing as we’ve just had the release of Daredevil season 3 not too long ago, fans are now worried about what the future holds for the most popular of the four shows, even despite the great reviews that Matt Murdock’s latest outing as been met with.

Unfortunately, there’s no word from the streaming giant just yet on what fate awaits the Man Without Fear, but at the very least, we can assure you that both Jessica Jones and The Punisher are safe for the moment, with neither show in danger of being cut. How do we know that? Well, season 2 of the latter has already wrapped filming and is now in post-production, while JJ‘s third run is currently filming, with the shoot expected to wrap before 2018 finishes up.

As such, it’d be pretty shocking for either one of them to be cancelled at this point. It’s not impossible, but to have already shot most or all of a season and then not release it would just mean a huge loss of money for Netflix and it’s highly unlikely they’d give either show the axe before we see their upcoming seasons. Afterwards it’s a different story, but for now, fans can take comfort knowing that they’ll get at least one more outing for both Frank Castle and Jessica.

While no one can say for sure what the future holds for these shows, we honestly wouldn’t be that surprised to see them cancelled. I mean, The Punisher isn’t quite as popular as DD and JJ and even though Jessica Jones still generates a good deal of excitement amongst fans, no one can deny that season 2 was a serious step back from the fantastic first outing. Not to mention that showrunner Melissa Rosenberg is departing after season 3.

Throw Disney’s upcoming streaming service into the mix as well and it all paints a pretty concerning picture for what’s to come from the Netflix corner of the Marvel universe. We don’t imagine it lasting much longer at this point, but at least we got a truly exceptional season of television with Daredevil‘s recent run and hopefully, The Punisher and Jessica Jones will follow suit.

Source: Screen Rant