Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer Referenced One Of The Avengers


Marvel’s Netflix shows have always had a very loose relationship with the movies of the MCU. Unlike the studio’s network TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, no characters from the silver screen have ever appeared in any form. It’s always fun, then, when the shows make the effort to drop in a reference to remind us that it’s still all connected.

The latest such nod is featured in the brand new trailer for Jessica Jones season 2, which released this morning. In classic Jessica style, it sees the super-powered sleuth reacting against her reputation as a hero. After killing Kilgrave, her heroics are now famous throughout the city, which means that people tend to be in awe of her and put her on a pedestal along with the Avengers. In one moment, an excited kid even asks Jessica if she knows Captain America. Obviously, she doesn’t dignify that with a response.

Of course, this is far from the first time an Avenger has been name-checked in one of the five shows that make up The Defenders corner of the MCU. Cap is actually one of those who gets referenced the most, alongside Hulk and Thor. The events of The Avengers are also frequently discussed, as the city of New York is still reeling from what’s known as “The Incident,” AKA the Chitauri invasion.

Despite having their own superhero team, though, the likes of Daredevil, Jessica, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have made no attempt to get in contact with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s kind of assumed that they think the Avengers are too busy dealing with worldwide business, so they take it upon themselves to look out for the little people on the streets of New York.

In the comics, though, Jessica and Steve Rogers are longtime colleagues, having served on the Avengers together. In fact, it’s been established that her daughter, Danielle Cage, will become the next Captain America in the future. That obviously won’t be happening in the live-action realm, but be sure to watch out for any more Avengers easter eggs when Jessica Jones season 2 hits Netflix on March 8th.