Jessica Jones Showrunner Hints At A Return For Kilgrave In Season 3

Jessica Jones and Kilgrave

As beloved as the heroes are, Marvel fans have always rated the Netflix corner of the MCU for its villains as well. Over the years, the shows have given us such great antagonists as Wilson Fisk, Cottonmouth and Billy Russo. So as sad as it is that we won’t be seeing more adventures for the likes of Daredevil, Luke Cage and others now that the streaming service has brought the Defenders-verse to an end, we’re also mourning the loss of some of the best villains on TV.

The silver lining, though, is that one of the greatest antagonists might be appearing one last time in Jessica Jones season 3. In response to the announcement that JJ was ending yesterday, a fan expressed their sadness at saying goodbye to David Tennant’s mind-controlling Kilgrave yet again on social media. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg then shared the tweet and added that we don’t need to a shed a tear for the Purple Man “quite yet.”

Kilgave was, of course, killed by Jessica herself at the end of season 1, bringing his hold over her to an end. Or so we – and she – thought. In season 2, Tennant turned up for an episode as Jessica began to hallucinate Kilgrave, representing the guilt and anger issues and other trauma that was threatening to overwhelm the heroine at the time. Though Jess managed to beat her demons, Kilgrave promised “I’ll be here if you need me” before he vanished.

That’s probably the most obvious way for Kilgrave to return, then. Alternatively, Tennant could provide another cameo via a flashback to the dark time when Jessica Jones was under his control. Whatever happens, it’s likely that Jess’ slice of happiness she’d found with her boyfriend Oscar and his son Vido when we last saw her won’t last for long.