Jessica Jones Star Eka Darville Confirms Return In The Defenders


Just days after Marvel announced the showrunners for The Defenders, yet another cast member has been confirmed. We know that the show will unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but characters from each of their respective worlds are bound to factor into the event series, and that’s clearly where Eka Darville’s Malcolm will come in.

Starting off as Jessica’s junkie neighbour, it was later revealed that Malcolm was under the control of Kilgrave and was being forced to spy on her. Broken out of the villain’s spell, he became one of the private eye’s most trusted allies, and the first season ended with him and Jessica seemingly opening Alias Investigations back up.

It was the actor who confirmed his presence in The Defenders during a recent interview, though he made it clear that he has no idea how significant a role Malcolm will play.

Considering the fact that The Defenders is set to start shooting later this year, it seems as if this show will follow Iron Fist and come before season three of Daredevil and second seasons for the rest of the team. Netflix’s insistence on sticking with just two Marvel series a year is still more than a little frustrating considering their popularity, and while we’re happy with what they’ve put out so far, they’re definitely going to have to up that number eventually in order to keep up with demand and avoid an eighteen month or two year gap between seasons.

Regardless, watching The Defenders come together should be a lot of fun, and it will be interesting to see which other familiar faces end up being part of the team-up series in the coming months.

Source: Spoiler TV