Jim Gordon May Take On Another Persona On Gotham


Something that we have all learned to expect from Gotham is that the show’s producers aren’t afraid to shake up the mythology. Sure, major changes may grind the gears of purists from time to time, but you must admit that a measure of originality needs to be kept when trying to surprise a prime time audience for a show that will air for an indefinite period.

TV Line recently caught up with the cast to discuss what to expect from Season 3. The usual insight into certain characters was given, along with this year’s theme: “Heroes Will Fall.” Seeing as how Season 2 had a deep focus on villains, this seems like a logical progression.

But, without a doubt, the biggest bomb dropped was by Ben McKenzie, who had this to say about his character, Jim Gordon:

“Yours truly might become another iconic DC character… in the middle of the season [or] at the end of the season. He might take on the persona of a different character.”

Judging by the reactions of everybody else in the room, it doesn’t really look like he’s joking. McKenzie then added:

“That’s an exclusive! And I might have just gone too far.”

While you never know what exactly is discussed in a writers room, the persona he’s talking about could very likely be that of Batman. For those not up to date on their comic book lore, Jim Gordon recently took up the mantle of Batman when Bruce Wayne briefly died and then resurrected in an amnesiac state. This era was a bit divisive, but if you want to read what I thought were some of the best Gordon as Batman stories, pick up something written by Peter J. Tomasi, specifically Detective Comics #50 (New 52).

This would, of course, create a series of events radically different from we’re used to and effectively make Bruce Wayne the second Batman. But, to be quite honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing it pan out. It would certainly put an end to the common complaint of so many supervillains – especially a fully realized Mr. Freeze – running around a Gotham City that does not yet have a Batman.

Gotham returns for its third season on Monday, September 19 on Fox.

Source: TV Line