Jimmy Kimmel fact checks Fox News on the meaning of ‘insanity’ over remarks on Biden’s upcoming appearance


President Joe Biden is slated to make an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Wednesday, which is naturally giving the talking heads over at Fox News something else to froth over. But Kimmel, who is never one to shy away from a feud, clapped back on remarks made by Fox Business host Dagen McDowell during his monologue on Monday night.

In announcing the president’s upcoming visit, Kimmel quipped that it’s nice because “it gives the gang at Fox News something to scream about all week,” before rolling the clip.

“So, to communicate with the American people, Joe Biden is sitting down with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday,” McDowell had said earlier on Monday morning. “That’s the land of insanity in which we all live.”

“Oh, I see. What I do is insane,” Kimmel retorted. “You guys telling us we should arm PE teachers to protect kids, that makes sense. Tucker Carlson giving Vladimir Putin a reach-around every other night? Sane. President on a late-night talk show? Insane. Got it.”

Kimmel then pivoted to a story about our former president, the twice-impeached Donald Trump. “You remember the guy who took his job as president so seriously he had time to meet with Kanye West and Kid Rock and Ted Nugent and Lil Wayne and the My Pillow guy who knows how many times, and also watch TV all day?”

Of course, that argument will likely only fall on deaf ears considering that half of the peanut gallery he mentioned have themselves appeared on Fox News at least a few times (until the My Pillow Guy’s infamous falling out with the network, anyway). And sadly, it’s unlikely that this will be the last we’ve heard from Fox News on the subject.