Jimmy McGill Is Back In Business In New Images For Better Call Saul Season 2

Last time viewers caught sight of Bob Odenkirk’s fast-talking and no nonsense criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill (AKA Saul Goodman), he was seen riding off in the rusty old bucket he calls a vehicle humming “Smoke on the Water”; now, Odenkirk’s up-and-comer is back in business, and judging by today’s new slew of images, Better Call Saul season 2 will have our loveable protagonist climbing the social ladder in his path to the top.

There’s also a glimpse of Jonathan Banks as the curmudgeonly Mike Ehrmantraut, who seems to have been drawn back into the picture in the intervening time between seasons 1 and 2.

Having already established itself as a spinoff to the universe that Vince Gilligan and writer Peter Gould hatched with Breaking Bad, season 2 represents an opportunity for Better Call Saul to venture into new territory, and recently Gould talked more about the surprises that are in store in February.

“Jimmy McGill’s journey takes surprising, left-handed turns in season two of ‘Better Call Saul.’ He goes to places we’d never, ever expected. As for Mike Ehrmantraut, he’s pulled deeper into a world he was sure he’d left forever,” said Peter Gould, executive producer and showrunner. “We can’t wait to share the next chapter of ‘Better Call Saul’ with the fans who have embraced the show.”

Though Gilligan, Gould and the remainder of the creative team are building towards the day when Saul throws caution to the wind in order to become Walter White’s attorney, it’s understood that the sophomore outing of Better Call Saul won’t feature Bryan Cranston’s glowering ex-chemistry teacher – though other cameos such as that of Tuco Salamanca in the opening season haven’t been ruled out.

Bob Odenkirk will return in his best three piece suit as Jimmy McGill when Better Call Saul season 2 premieres on Netflix come Monday, February 15.