Jodie Whittaker headlining ‘Doctor Who: Redacted’ audio drama

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While Jodie Whittaker only has two more episodes of Doctor Who before handing the sonic screwdriver to her successor, it appears that the Thirteenth Doctor’s character will continue to exist outside the main series. BBC Sounds has just announced a spinoff audio drama that brings back Whittaker for an adventure unlike any other, involving a trio of conspiracy theorists who are trying to prove the strange police blue box that keeps appearing in the history of their civilization is actually an alien.

Starring Charlie Craggs, Lois Chimimba, and Shawna Thompson, Doctor Who: Redacted will also bring back familiar voices like Kate Stewart, Petronella Osgood, and Madame Vastra. It’s not yet clear if the rest of the Paternoster Gang make a comeback as well. Below you can check out the official synopsis for this new podcast series, as provided by the official Doctor Who website.

Doctor Who: Redacted follows Cleo, Abby, and Shawna — three broke university drop-outs from different cities across the UK who remain connected via their paranormal conspiracy podcast, ‘The Blue Box Files.’ The trio speculates over Abby’s favourite conspiracy theory – intent on finding out the truth behind the mysterious ‘Blue Box’ that keeps cropping up across history. What if this random police public call box was actually an alien ship?

They don’t know who the Doctor is, or if aliens are real, but soon find themselves caught in a supernatural conspiracy as they learn that everyone who’s ever met the Doctor is disappearing and being forgotten. Essentially, they’re being redacted from reality. The Blue Box Files is so unsuccessful that our heroes are the last ones to be affected by the redaction, making Cleo, Abby, and Shawna the world’s only hope. Now it’s a race against time to uncover the truth.

Acclaimed author Juno Dawson has served as the audio drama’s senior writer, and the first episode will release alongside Easter Sunday’s special outing, “Legend of the Sea Devils,” on April 17. New episodes of Doctor Who: Redacted will then arrive weekly on BBC Sounds.

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