Watch: Jodie Whittaker Returns As The Time Lord For Doctor Who Coronavirus Message

Doctor Who

The world is in trouble, so obviously the Doctor has returned to help us. This morning, the official Doctor Who social media accounts shared a brand new video featuring Jodie Whittaker in character as the Thirteenth Doctor, which sees her offering some much needed words of encouragement in these difficult times.

The video, filmed remotely, showcases Whittaker in full costume “self-isolating” in a closet, with the Time Lord apparently hiding from an army of Sontarans. Check it out in the tweet below:

The Doctor reveals that she’s detected “an upsurge in psychic signals from somewhere in space and time,” which means that an unusually high percentage of people on Earth are worried. To deal with the situation, the heroine has released this “emergency transmission” to reveal five things to remember.

1) Things will get better.

2) Tell jokes (even bad ones).

3) Be kind.

4) Listen to science.

5) Stay strong and positive.

This is just the kind of thing that Whovians needed to lift their spirits and it’s great to see Whittaker in character once more, as it already feels like an age since season 12 wrapped up at the beginning of the month. She promises to see us again very soon, but when will the show return? Well, we know there’s a winter special coming titled “Revolution of the Daleks,” though it’s currently unknown whether that will air at Christmas or New Year.

The good news is this isn’t the only Doctor Who video that’s been shared of late to keep us smiling. Over the weekend, Dan Starkey returned as Strax (well, in toy form) to provide a new introduction for a watch-along of the 50th anniversary special. Another similar event is being organized for this Thursday, with fans planning to re-watch 2005’s “Rose.” This time, a special prequel to the episode will be shared online.

Stay safe out there, people, and remember – do as the Doctor says.