John Carpenter Teases New Television Project With Shudder


With the 2018 Halloween now enjoying widespread critical praise and sky-high anticipation from legions of fans, it seems original director John Carpenter is getting to bask in the acclaim and positivity as well.

In an interview with Michael Roffman over at the Chicago-based Consequence of Sound, the movie maestro teased a return to television. Specifically, Carpenter told Roffman that horror streaming service Shudder is interested in working with him on an adaptation of his 1987 film Prince of Darkness as well as more collaborations with other concepts.

“We’re talking to them about doing a theme,” he said. “And maybe doing a show for them. What would you think about Prince of Darkness as a TV show?”

For those unfamiliar, the original Prince of Darkness starred Donald Pleasance as a priest in the Los Angeles area who invites a team to investigate a mysterious cylinder in the basement of an abandoned church. Some stuff turns out to be evil, people die and, much like most of Carpenter’s other works, audiences hated it when it was first released before it gained a cult following in later years.

While I’m always happy to see the director getting back in the swing of things (and his earlier television content for Masters of Horror was awesome), I honestly don’t want the man to go down the Wes Craven route of spending his later years rebooting or re-tooling his earlier creations. John Carpenter‘s an iconic filmmaker, composer and all around creative genius, he deserves to do work far more challenging than picking over the bones of his earlier catalog. Netflix should hire him to do a new Masters of Horror for their platform, and Amazon could snap him up, too. Honestly, anything would be better than a remake.

What do you think, though? Is a new take on Prince of Darkness something you’d like to see? As always, let us know down below.