The Joker Kidnaps Mark Hamill In New Justice League Action Short


Things get very meta in this latest short for Justice League Action.

As fans of the actor will know, Mark Hamill is a true DC icon thanks to his countless voiceover roles across TV shows, movies and video games over the past twenty or so years. But we’ve never seen him voice every character on screen at once… Until now, that is.

In “Missing the Mark,” the Joker and the Trickster team up to kidnap “famous movie star” Mark Hamill in the hopes of earning a heap of money for his ransom fee. Hamill himself shared the short on his Twitter feed and hilariously captioned it: “The only time I’ve ever done anything while sleeping with the entire cast.”

The Joker and the Trickster are two roles Hamill’s been playing for a very long time. He first voiced the Clown Prince of Crime in 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series and has become the go-to voice actor for the iconic villain ever since. He initially debuted as the Trickster, meanwhile, in the live-action Flash series from 1990, a part he reprised in The CW’s contemporary take on the Scarlet Speedster. He’s also turned up as “the 2nd rate villain” on a few animated projects, such as Justice League Action. Last but not least, Hamill voices Swamp Thing in this short as well, which is the latest role on his long list of DC credits.

If you’ve never seen Justice League Action before, the series shares many of the same cast members as the beloved Justice League and its follow-up Justice League Unlimited from the 2000s. However, it ramps up the pace, brightness and humour to make each short episode a fast-paced laugh riot. Some fans haven’t taken to it, but it’s hard to dislike any show that gives us Mark Hamill talking to himself four times over, right?