Jon Bernthal Talks Daredevil Season 2 And Possible Spinoff For The Punisher



Season two of Daredevil hits Netflix this March, and as well as continuing to tell Matt Murdock’s story, we’re also going to be introduced to Elektra and The Punisher. Jon Bernthal plays the latter, and he recently gave an interview on what we should expect from his take on the violent vigilante in the series.

When asked about which comic books he turned to for inspiration, Bernthal gave an answer which should make fans extremely happy:

“Look, Garth Ennis and the “Punisher MAX” series was huge for me. That’s just in my line of what I dig, and that’s the iteration of the character that resonated the most with me.”

The actor then went into even more detail about what prepared him to take on this iconic role in season two of Daredevil, explaining how his personal life helped him to relate to what it would be like to be Frank Castle (Bernthal previously said that he would walk to the set of the series by himself every day in order to get into The Punisher’s mindset).

“I’ve got to tell you, I think that being a father and a husband was sort of all the — that’s the major preparation. I think this guy lives in a world of darkness that no other person in this universe can compare with that. My goal here was to put myself in that darkness and bring it up and again, to never pull punches. To never do half measures. To never be apologetic. To never pursue likability at all. To be completely unapologetic at all times because this is a highly personal mission that this man is on, and I think that this show, I’m not just whistling dixie, I think that this show and what they accomplished with last season is a perfect fertile ground to bring a character like that to light. It’s not a superhero show. It’s a human show.”

Finally, the Daredevil star was quizzed about those reports that The Punisher is getting his own spinoff series, but would give away absolutely nothing (though he must have an idea about it being in development).

“I really don’t. I really go into this just kind of looking at the job at hand. I mean, I’ll tell you that, again, this whole company here shrouded into secrecy. I don’t look at that, at first, where it was frustrating, I look at it now as: I love it. I love it. I don’t have to concern myself with it. It’s not my business. My business is the task at hand. But I will say, this is a character that resonates deeply with me. Like Frank Castle, I stand ready at attention.”

Frank Castle being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is something fans have been hoping to see for years now, and him squaring off against The Man Without Fear is particularly exciting. With a premiere date of March 18th, the first trailer for season two of Daredevil will no doubt be with us soon enough, and it’s in that which we’ll no doubt get our first proper look at the character.

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