Jonathan Frakes Hints At Two More TNG Characters For Star Trek: Picard Season 2


Star Trek: Picard season 1 found room for a few other familiar faces from 90s Trek alongside Sir Patrick Stewart. Among them was Jonathan Frakes, who returned for two episodes as William Riker. All of the signs are pointing to season 2 bringing back further fan favorites as well, and it’s possible that Frakes has just revealed a couple of them in a recent tweet.

Without any context or explanation, he took to Twitter this Friday to share a snap of himself alongside former co-stars LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) and John de Lancie (Q). This pic is from a photoshoot from 2017 to mark The Next Generation‘s 30th anniversary, so what could Frakes be doing posting this old image again now?

Well, Picard resumed filming for its sophomore run this very month and we know that the actor is coming back to direct another couple of episodes. Seeing as he’s involved with the production again, it’s easy to assume that he may appear on screen again, too. Let’s imagine Frakes is either about to start shooting his directorial efforts or he’s due for a guest spot, then. Either way, it looks likely that what he’s getting ready to do next involves Burton and de Lancie.

Last spring, Burton confirmed that he’d discussed reprising La Forge on Picard season 2 with the showrunners. What’s more, de Lancie recently appeared via a vocal cameo in Star Trek: Lower Decks, which also featured Frakes as Riker. With talks having occurred with Burton and de Lancie already brought back once, they both seem like safe bets for a role in the next season.

In any case, Whoopi Goldberg is definitely returning as Guinan and Voyager‘s Jeri Ryan remains on board the La Sirena as Seven of Nine. Star Trek: Picard faced a lengthy delay last year due to the pandemic, but work is finally underway on season 2 and it promises to contain more than a few major treats for longtime fans.