A Jurassic World Live-Action TV Series Could Happen


Dinosaurs stomped back onto the internet a few weeks ago when a pre-Jurassic World 3 short film hit Ethernet cables across the globe. People seemed to enjoy it well enough, certainly more than Fallen Kingdom, but more on that later.

The short, titled “Battle at Big Rock,” brought up questions of a possible live-action Jurassic show. And actually, a fan brought that question up to someone surprising. During a live screening/Q&A of Jurassic World, director Colin Trevorrow was asked about if a dino-series was in the works, and the Director Who Never Smiles gave as glorious of a non-answer as one could expect:

“If the audience demands [other live-action stories], we will provide.”

So, there you have it: it’s possible, but nothing official yet.

After watching “Battle at Big Rock,” I’m not convinced that a Jurassic sitcom would be a good idea. You can only get attacked by dinos so many times before it gets repetitive. I’d rather see Dino Crisis remade than a continuation of this fossil of a series. Plus, we’re already digging up the old cast members to presumably be eaten off, so honestly, what’s the point?

Also, Fallen Kingdom was, and I mean no hyperbole by this whatsoever, the absolute worst mainstream wide release I’ve seen in theaters since Epic Movie. A totally abysmal experience. A film that thought we, the audience, were laughably stupid. I’m not mad about it, but it’s just, like, how the heck does stuff like that get approved?

Ah well. Colin Trevorrow has shown that in small bursts he can make effective pieces. Will bringing him back for Jurassic World 3 be a good thing, though? I guess the over a billion dollars the first one made can’t be argued with.