Jurassic World Star BD Wong To Play Hugo Strange In Gotham Season 2

Hugo Strange

Season two of Gotham has recently seen the introduction of “Indian Hill,” a hidden lab where experiments on Gotham City’s “monsters” take place, but who on Earth could be in charge of such a facility? The answer is Professor Hugo Strange, another classic Batman villain set to be introduced in Gotham years before the young Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl.

Taking on that role will be Jurassic World star BD Wong, and the official description for this small screen take on the character reveals that Hugo Strange will be hired to run Gotham‘s Arkham Asylum. The psychiatrist appears altruistic, but he harbors a dark secret that eventually makes him Gotham’s greatest threat. He’ll start innocently enough, seemingly working to rehabilitate the villains of Gotham City, before being revealed as the man behind Indian Hill.

New details on Inidan Hill have also been revealed, with Fox confirming that it’s a secret black-ops program run by Wayne Enterprises which is, “dedicated to creating the ultimate super human…or super villain.” That’s where we last saw Firefly being carted off too, so it will be interesting to see which other future Batman foes go the same way as her and what that means for their respective futures.

As well as starring in Jurassic World, Wong also recently appeared in Focus and TV series Mr. Robot. Him joining Gotham is one of the most impressive casting additions to date, and it will surely be fun seeing what he brings to the role.