Justice League Action Premiere Date Announced As Three Clips Debut


With DC heroes dominating the live action realm on prime time television, the animated side of things has been a bit lax in recent years. That’s actually quite surprising, considering how WB Animation has revolutionized superhero storytelling over the past quarter of a century. Thankfully, that’ll change soon when Justice League Action finally premieres on Cartoon Network on Sunday, November 27.

Consisting of tight 11-minute episodes, JLA will unite various heroes and villains that we would otherwise deem to be odd couples and put a slightly more humorous spin on them than we may be used to seeing. Case in point: The video embedded at the top sees stalwart actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill return to voice Batman and the Joker, respectively, and places major focus on the Clown Prince of Crime meeting up with none other than Mongul. That is, without a doubt, not something you see everyday.

Next up, we see some core members of the team – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg – forced into participating in Toyman’s latest scheme. Yes, that villain can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but it’s probably for the best they go with a less creepy version for something geared toward a younger audience. I can see fans of the Street Fighter series of video games finding a thing or two to dig about this particular episode.

Finally, Batman meets up with Carmine Falcone, a mob boss seldom seen in animation. But, unlike an appearance the gangster would make on Gotham, things quickly take a turn for the fantastical as Blue Beetle and Chronos join the party. Needles to say, fans of Batman: The Brave and the Bold will likely wax nostalgia seeing The Dark Knight reunite with Jaime Reyes.

Tell us, what are some oddball pairings of heroes and villains that you hope to see on Justice League Action? Let us know in the comments section below.