Kate Kane Answers The Bat-Signal On New Batwoman Poster


Gotham has a new protector, and she’s coming this fall. Ruby Rose made her Arrowverse debut in last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover, but we’ve had to wait a whole 12 months for her to get her own show. Thankfully, the wait is nearly over as Batwoman is arriving in just a few months’ time. Are you ready? That’s the question this new poster for the upcoming CW show asks.

The simple yet effective one-sheet sees a silhouetted Kate Kane, billionaire and cousin to Bruce Wayne, standing against a red sky as the Bat-signal shines above her. It’s the classic Batman image but it reminds us that in this series it’ll be a different member of the Bat-clan who’ll be answering the cries for help of Gotham City.

Check it out in the gallery below:

After the character was positively received in her “Elseworlds” appearance, the Batwoman series has suffered a fair amount of blowback in the run-up to its premiere. The promos so far have been blasted by fans for being too heavy-handed with the gender politics and feminism. If you check out any YouTube posting of one of the trailers, you’ll no doubt find a disproportionate ratio of down votes to up votes.

But this will likely dissipate once the show gets going. After all, Supergirl suffered something similar a few years ago when it started out and it’s now a mainstay of our superhero TV diet. And The CW no doubt have big plans for Batwoman, too, as she’ll take part in the multiversal “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event this December.

Batwoman explores how Kate Kane rises to the challenge of being Gotham’s newest hero five years after Batman disappears. She’s aided by tech genius Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) and Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), her father who has a hatred for vigilantes. Season 1’s big bad, meanwhile, is Alice (Rachel Skarsten), a Joker-like supervillain and boss of the Wonderland gang. Look for it to arrive on The CW on October 9th.

Source: The CW