Kate Kane Rides Again In New Batwoman Promo


Within the next few months, it’s only inevitable that we be treated to more footage promoting the highly anticipated Batwoman TV series. Having already been gifted with a sizable and badass trailer back in May, it’s probably fair to assume our next significant helping will arrive at San Diego Comic-Con in a couple weeks.

Of course, something with a shorter running time will be required to air during commercial breaks leading up to the time of premiere. Previously, I’d been seeing that brief teaser showing Gotham City’s new protector standing on a rooftop during The Flash, iZombie and whatever other CW shows I’ve been watching in recent weeks.

Now, our latest exhibit comes in the form of the “Night Ride” promo embedded at the top of this article. To my shock, the network has yet again released something simply showing Ruby Rose on a motorcycle. Furthermore, this doesn’t actually appear to be footage taken from the TV show itself because the lighting and cinematography are so different. Rather, it’s likely just shot for promotional purposes.

In my view, The CW should be showcasing footage of Batwoman kicking ass in full costume, as opposed to what they’ve been doing thus far. The marketing for this series is beyond terrible, and it’s the executives’ own fault if it fails to become a hit. With criticism already being aimed their way, they should be illustrating what makes the show great – and not pumping out these mystifying spots.

I’m being serious here. Batwoman isn’t very well known outside of comic book-reading circles. Showing a woman on a motorcycle followed by a bat logo that doesn’t even say “Batwoman” on it does nothing to get the unaware masses to tune in. Again, show the Dark Knight’s successor doing what she does best and the rest will fall into place. It’s not the hard to figure out, people.

Batwoman premieres on Sunday, October 6th on The CW.