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Katee Sackhoff teases what’s next for Bo-Katan in ‘The Mandalorian’ season 3

Katee Sackhoff answers where Bo-Katan will be in 'The Mandalorian' season 3.

Bo-Katan Mandalorian

Katee Sackhoff shares small details about where Bo-Katan will be in The Mandalorian season three. After the events in the season two finale, Bo-Katan is not in possession of the Darksaber and it’s unclear how this will affect her after spending so much time hunting down Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) for it.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Sackhoff talked about where her character’s headspace is at when audiences her again.

“Anytime you have a goal and you don’t succeed, I think you reevaluate.”

Although seemingly vague, this actually says a lot about her character. Bo-Katan has been single-minded in her mission to wield the Darksaber and become the ruler of Mandalore, so the fact that she’s even re-evaluating shows great restraint for her.

Mando (Pedro Pascal) technically won the Darksaber in battle against Moff Gideon, but his Mandalorian status was revoked when the Armorer learned that he took his helmet off. He’ll have to go to the mines of Mandalore’s living waters if he hopes to be redeemed.

Pascal spoke about the potential new role for Mando as leader of Mandalore in the new issue of Total Film, and it might not come so easy for him. “If he is stepping into a leadership position, he’s reluctant to do so,” said Pascal. “I don’t think that there’s anything more interesting than a character being forced into discovering what they’re capable of, and who they are. That part has been really, really fun. Also, from my point of view, there’s so many searchable ways to find the tonality of that. I just tried to achieve the subtleties of that kind of character development.”

Sackhoff was more candid about her time with Grogu in season three, and what it’s like working with the famous little green guy. “It’s funny because you always have to think about how you’re interacting with Grogu,” said Sackhoff. “It’s so specific, you have to make sure that you’re not doing anything that says something different. Every single thing, every single interaction with Grogu is very, very thought out.”

The Mandalorian season three comes to Disney Plus Feb. 2023.

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