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Kelly Reilly teases a new side of Beth in ‘Yellowstone’ season 5, but don’t expect a happy ending

Beth Dutton is changing things up this season.

Beth Dutton
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Warning: this article contains spoilers for the season premiere of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone‘s Kelly Reilly is opening up about the new season and how her character is going on a journey that’s unlike anything fans have seen of her before. We’re used to the powerhouse of a character that Beth Dutton is, and while that isn’t changing anytime soon, she will be serving up something new this season.

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight‘s Monday evening episode, Reilly spoke about Beth being the kind of character who might suddenly embrace “happy” after wedding her long-time love, Rip Wheeler. 

“I don’t think a happy Beth is necessarily a great fodder for entertainment, but she’s — you know, she’s got people to fight. She’s got bad guys to get. I had to train for a couple of scenes in this season.”

When asked if it was physical training, Reilly surprised us with her response. 

“Yes, I don’t know what the reaction is going to be because our fans are so passionate: are they going to go with her, or are they going to sort of abandon ship for me like ‘that’s too far.’ To defend the land and to defend it for her father, she won’t stop at anything, and nobody will get in her way. Beth plays dirty; she admits it this season; there are some interesting moments; it’s juicy.”

Reilly was also asked if the fifth season will be the last for the Dutton family, and she says she’s not sure when the end will be but that she’s optimistic that it won’t conclude with this set of fourteen episodes; they’ve got a lot of stories left to tell.

Part of that story will undeniably come as Rip and Beth uncover more about one another through season five, including Beth revealing her best-kept secret from her now husband. It’s a pain she holds close to her heart, keeping from almost everyone, especially him.

The words she speaks will undeniably be painful for the both of them, but Rip assures Beth as often as he can that she’s all he’ll ever need; we just hope he can finally convince her.

The Dutton’s next chapter continues to unfold as new episodes air at 8pm on Sunday nights on Paramount.  

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