Kevin Conroy Would Love To Star In An Arrowverse Batman Beyond Show


After voicing the character for 30 years, Kevin Conroy finally made his live-action debut as Batman this past week thanks to The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Now that he’s broken that barrier, the actor is keen to play Bruce Wayne in person full-time in a new Arrowverse show – specifically, a live-action twist on Batman Beyond.

An enthusiastic fan contacted Conroy on Twitter to say how much he wants to see him portray Old Man Bruce in a live-action Beyond reboot. In response, the star said: “I would love that.” So would the fans, Kevin, so would the fans.

Conroy’s role as a retired Caped Crusader in the beloved animated series was even referenced in his “Crisis” appearance. The Earth his Batman was from was dubbed Earth-99 – a nod to Beyond debuting on our screens in 1999. In a shocking twist, though, this Bruce turned out to be much different from the animated character. Instead, he was like an even more twisted version of the hero from The Dark Knight Returns. He even killed Superman.

His role in “Crisis” was a real treat, but it would mean a whole lot to viewers to see him play a proper heroic take on the character in live-action. But how likely is a Batman Beyondtype Arrowverse series? Honestly, it’s hard to predict as we never thought we’d see any kind of Batman in the franchise for years but hey, we just did. The CW has continually managed to exceed our expectations with its DC shows, too, so who knows what’s around the corner?

Well, we do know that Green Arrow and the Canaries is on its way, set in Star City 2040. So maybe Mia and her pals could take a trip to Gotham City 2040 in one episode, allowing Conroy at least one more go as an aged Bruce Wayne. You can have that idea for free, producers, just make it happen.