Kevin Feige Admits That Former MCU Netflix Shows Could Return On Disney Plus

The Defenders

As the mastermind behind the single most successful movie franchise in the history of the business, Kevin Feige has become an expert at giving lengthy answers to questions while not actually confirming or denying a thing, which is a job requirement when you’re the Chief Creative Officer of a company that loves to keep its cards close to the chest while simultaneously announcing a huge amount of new content.

There are currently thirteen movies, eleven episodic Disney Plus shows, two animated spinoffs and a holiday special in the works from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but barely a day passes by without a handful of new properties being mentioned in conjunction with either their debuts or reboots.

One of the most popular subjects are the former roster of Netflix shows, especially with the rights to the Defenders reportedly having been lapsing back to Marvel over the last few months as the two-year contractual holds expired. In a new interview, Feige was asked directly about the prospect of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Punisher returning in some form to rejoin the MCU, and he didn’t definitively rule it out by any means.

“I think we probably could do it, I think a lot of that stuff comes back to us. There’s always rumors online about things reverting, sometimes that’s true, sometimes it’s not, but I’m not exactly sure of the exact contracts but perhaps someday.”

Feige’s comments also make it clear that he keeps his ear to the ground regarding the onslaught of rumors and speculation, and he’s more than likely stumbled across a handful of truths. That being said, there are plenty of feature films and TV shows in the works to keep MCU fans both happy and occupied for the foreseeable future, without having to reboot or reintegrate another handful of comic book favorites who only left Netflix for the first time in the last couple of years.