Kevin Hart has the #1 TV show on Netflix today

true story

Kevin Hart has the most popular TV show on Netflix across the world right now. This Wednesday saw the streaming giant launch True Story, an original miniseries featuring the comedian in a rare dramatic role. It’s something of a gamble for the Jumanji star, then, but it appears to have paid off as True Story has immediately raced up the charts to be crowned the number one TV title on Netflix going into the weekend, as per the latest stats from Flix Patrol.

So what exactly is True Story? Well, it’s best enjoyed without knowing too much about the plot going in, but here’s a brief summary. Hart plays a hit comedian and actor known as the Kid — who is closely modelled after himself. Kid’s successful life takes a turn, however, when his resentful brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) returns and the fatal fallout from a night out together threatens to destroy everything Kid has built.

Suffice it to say that True Story sees Hart and Snipes get involved in some seriously shady shenanigans, with it left to the audience to wonder exactly how much of this is a true story and how much isn’t, as much of Hart’s character’s life is autobiographical. Also on board the seven-part series are Tawny Newsome, Paul Adelstein, Chris Diamantopoulos and Billy Zane.

While Hart has received praise for his dramatic turn, with critics also loving Snipes as co-lead and Zane in his scene-stealing supporting role, reviews aren’t all that glowing on the whole. Much of the criticism is being levelled at its predictable plot developments and mixed messages about fame and cancel culture. Still, it must be going down better with subscribers as it’s performing so well on Netflix.

If you’ve yet to check it out yourself, you can stream all episodes of True Story on Netflix right now.