Kevin Smith Confirmed To Direct Another Episode Of Supergirl


Having already directed two stellar episodes of The Flash, it only made sense that Kevin Smith branch out across the DC TV multiverse. With an episode of Supergirl also under his belt that’s set to air in a matter of days and introduce a new species of aliens, many viewers were likely checking the clock waiting for an announcement regarding the beloved filmmaker’s return.

Well, there’s no need to hold your breath any longer because Smith recently confirmed his return to the director’s chair while talking with

“Monday, the episode of Supergirl that I directed airs, which is thrilling. I got to Sundance tomorrow and I’m up there for IMDb all week, come home Tuesday, then a few days after that, I go up to Vancouver again to direct another episode of Supergirl.”

If you want to get into specifics, it’s episode 17 of the current season that he’s referring to. With a schedule as busy as his, I would’ve assumed that he wouldn’t have time to come back until season 3, but thankfully, we won’t have to wait that long. And considering that falls in the final stretch of episodes airing this spring, odds are that some major developments will occur, which makes it doubly exciting.

Further in the interview, Smith continued on, saying that the decision to return wasn’t hard to make:

“I fell in love with everybody up there, so it was easy to say ‘yeah.’ It takes something special to make you put aside your own shit when you’re creative. When you have the ability to make the stories you want to make, it’s fun to watch other people’s stories, it’s just way more fun to make your own. So whenever you put your shit aside, it has to be for something worthwhile. Working on Supergirl is like a month of your life, but I’d give it up in a heartbeat because the last experience I had was so rewarding and I was so happy with what we did. I like all the people up there, and I believe in the show in a big, bad way. It’s incredibly warm. It’s just well-made entertainment, and it’s got something to it. It’s a little nourishing, it’s not just fast food. There’s always some heart to it.”

Supergirl returns with new episodes on Monday, January 23 on The CW.