Kevin Smith Hopes To Direct An Episode Of Next Season’s DC TV Crossover


Although the most recent DC TV mega crossover is still fresh in our memories, it’s within reason the producers have already started to contemplate the logistics of next season’s superhero mashup. Having two episodes of The Flash under his belt and soon to be two when it comes to Supergirl, many fans probably agree that director Kevin Smith is a prime candidate to helm one of the episodes set to take part in the next crossover.

Apparently, the thought has already occurred to Smith, as he recently told

“If they ask me? I put in my request to [executive producer Andrew] Kreisberg already, dude. After I watched their crossover, I said, ‘Please, dude, please, next year, just give me a taste of that crossover. I just want to be involved in one of them. I don’t care which one.’ They look like a nightmare to shoot, I’ll be honest with you. I did the ‘Killer Frost’ episode [of The Flash] right before they went into the crossovers, and the crossover schedule, you’re talking about four different shows where you’re swapping performers and characters and stuff like that.

It’s a nightmare on all the AD’s, as they have to try to figure out how to make this all work. That being said, look at the end results, dude. That was absolutely thrilling to watch all four of those shows cross over….I’m asking, I’m asking. I don’t know if they’ll let me but believe me, I’ve already put in the request. I said, ‘Whatever it is next season, whatever the crossover is, even if it was The Death of Kevin Smith, I want to be involved somehow.'”

As awesome as that would be and we could certainly see it panning out, it all comes down to availability. Smith is undoubtedly a busy man as he already has a full plate when it comes to filmmaking, podcasting, or shooting new episodes of Comic Book Men, but he seems to make the time for projects he’s truly passionate about. Personally, I hope he draws the Arrow straw because not only has he written for the character in the comics, but he’s yet to direct an episode of that particular series.

Be sure to catch Smith’s Supergirl directorial debut on Monday, January 23 on The CW.