Khonshu looks like a ‘Dark Souls’ boss in this ‘Moon Knight’ concept art

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Fans have been blessed with a new look at Moon Knight concept art showcasing the god Khonshu, and it shows how the character could have looked a whole lot more sinister.

The image of one of the early concept arts for the Egyptian god of the Moon has been shared by Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Jackson Sze on his social media accounts. In this image, we see Khonushu perched on a rooftop on all fours while wielding his iconic staff.

“Here I imagined Khonshu stalking Steven Grant through the rooftops of London. Larger than life and full of menace as he tries to convince Steven to turn his body over to Marc Spector.”

Soon after being posted the image was shared on Reddit where fans were quick to compare it to the characters in FromSoftware game series Dark Souls. This comparison, which is based on the art style and menacing pose that Khonshu has assumed in the image, does seem accurate as this version of the headstrong god would definitely fit in the world of the FromSoftware title.

Before sharing this latest concept art for Khonshu, Sze had posted another image of the character. In it, Khonshu was seen sporting a very different outfit that is somewhat similar to Mr. Knight’s suit but also exhibits an obvious ethereal vibe.

Again, this look is very different from Khonshu fans got acquainted with throughout the six episodes of the series. In the show, the character has more of a human-like stature but retains his barebones beak-shaped skull as well as a more traditional garb, which he seemingly ditched by the end of the series for a more modern outfit.

Moon Knight is available to stream in its entirety on Disney Plus.

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