The Killing Season Premiere Review: “The Jungle / That You Fear The Most” (Season 3, Episodes 1&2)



Linden and Holder are back! Are we ready to watch these guys break the law, disobey direct orders and obsess over dead bodies while neglecting their own families? Yeah, I’m totally up for watching Detective Linden suffer yet another meltdown. Oh, wait, she’s not a detective anymore. That’s right, The Killing‘s third season takes place a year after our heroes found and arrested the killers of Rosie Larsen. Holder’s making his way to the top and might soon become a sergeant, whereas Linden is working minimum wage on a ferry. He’s happy, but something’s clearly holding him back (perhaps his lazy-ass new partner), and she’s… well, she’s trying.

Right off the bat, we’re shown several new characters lurking the crime-ridden streets of Seattle — Bullet and Kallie should be about Rosie Larsen’s age, if slightly younger. The former is a tough, street-smart tomboyish girl with a crush on fellow runaway Lyric, who’s currently dating Twitch, your typical self-absorbed douche with high hopes and dreams of making it big in L.A. Yeah, that’s not going to happen, big guy. Teenager Kallie might just be the one who puts the wheels in motion, as she disappears without a trace after getting a ride from a stranger.

Are you with us thus far? Great. Don’t worry, it will get a lot easier, since it was confirmed that neither the Larsens nor mayor Richmond will be back for season three, and they’ve left a huge void to fill. We also get to meet Ray Seward (Peter Sarsgaard, if you can believe it), a man on death row who had been wrongfully convicted for murdering his wife. Nevertheless, he wants to believe he did it, and seems to long for punishment for his actions. Not on Sarah Linden’s watch, you ain’t. It turns out he’s Adrian’s father. You remember Adrian — he drew the enigmatic trees by a pond over and over again, but he’s mostly known as the kid who had previously been locked in with his mother’s corpse for six days. This was the case that nearly drove Linden to insanity long before the events of the first season.

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