King Shark Set To Return In Upcoming Arrow And The Flash Crossover


King Shark

One of the biggest surprises to date from The Flash‘s second season was the appearance from King Shark, a gigantic CGI villain from Earth-2 who made a brief cameo in the fourth episode. Due to the expense of bringing him to life, it was said that his appearance was a one off, something seemingly confirmed when the alternate version of Harrison Wells took him down.

Interestingly, though, it appears as if Killer Shark will now be making a return in the upcoming crossover between Arrow and The Flash. David Ramsey (who plays Diggle in the former) confirmed it during an appearance at a recent comic book convention, stating that, “We are going to be tracking down a particular member of the Suicide Squad that so happens to be a 14-foot shark.”

Bear in mind that a digital comic for The Flash confirmed that Barry Allen had already battled an Earth-1 version of King Shark, so there’s every chance that he’s going to be the version who factors into this crossover which will set up the events of Legends of Tomorrow. Chances are that we probably shouldn’t expect to see the villain play a huge role in these episodes, but this is definitely an intriguing reveal.

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