Krypton May Include The Green Lantern Corps And Omega Men


Normally, we’re used to seeing DC TV shows airing over on The CW, but the brand has also spilled over to other networks such as Fox, NBC and AMC and now, the branching out is set to continue with Krypton, which has found quite the appropriate home over at SyFy. And while we, like some of you, wondered if the Superman mythos required yet another prequel series, it was pretty hard not to get sucked in by the most recent trailer that dropped.

Although not tied to any other currently airing DC-themed series, Krypton has already shown that it’ll still take full advantage of the comic book publisher’s rich history, with Adam Strange having been seen in advance footage. So, naturally, one would expect the floodgates to be opened to other cosmic heroes – even the Green Lantern Corps and Omega Men.

In so many words, DC President Geoff Johns said just that when speaking at the TCA winter press tour (via CBR):

“Any of these characters could eventually show up. Even the inclusion of Adam Strange, that should tip you off that it’s not just going to be on Krypton.”

Chiming in on the same subject was executive producer David Goyer:

“The deal with the show is it’s kind of this gateway into the DC science fiction universe. Because also the Phantom Zone figures into this show, it means we can delve into other times and planets eventually.”

While there is red tape between WB’s motion picture and television divisions to consider, both the Green Lantern Corps and Omega Men seem like natural fits for this show. And even with Goyer still hard at work on a movie featuring the ringslingers, which will likely be headlined by Hal Jordan and John Stewart, he could differentiate this project from the film by utilizing Kyle Rayner, a character who recently interacted with the Omega Men in the comics. Admittedly, he’d have to time travel for all this to make sense, but this is an adaptation. Or they could just use someone like Abin Sur or Sodam Yat.

Even if none of this comes to pass in the first season, that’s no cause for panic. In fact, Goyer boasted to SyFy Wire that they “do roughly have a seven-to-eight-year plan.” Granted, that’s contingent on the series being continually renewed if ratings hold, but it’s good to know that the potential exists for kick-ass stories for years to come.

Krypton premieres on Wednesday, March 21 on SyFy.