Krypton Showrunner Shares Chilling Teaser For Cancelled Third Season

Krypton Brainiac

Last week, Syfy revealed that they wouldn’t be renewing Krypton for another season, leaving fans of the Superman prequel series heartbroken. For one, season 2 ended on a whopping great cliffhanger, with Brainiac abducting Seg-El’s son Jor-El – the father of the Man of Steel himself – with plans to corrupt him and pervert the course of history.

In this dark time, then, showrunner Cameron Walsh has decided to lift fans’ spirits a little by revealing what would have been the opening scene of season 3. He shared the first page of the outline of the opener on Twitter, which describes a smartly-written sequence that would have played with our expectations, ultimately unveiling that Brainiac has achieved his aims of bringing up Jor-El in his own image.

The idea of history being changed and a usually heroic Kryptonian raised as a bully in Russia is a very familiar one to Superman fans, with the concept clearly being inspired by the Red Son storyline. Interestingly, Supergirl just did its own take on the comic book arc in which Lex Luthor played a similar role to Brainiac here, assuming a benevolent parental role to hide his aims to corrupt his superpowered protege (in Supergirl‘s case, the Red Daughter).

We were told that Krypton is being shopped around to other platforms, but the chances of anyone else picking it up seem slim. After all, Walsh sharing this scene from the season 3 opener suggests he doesn’t have much hope it’ll see the light of day. However, we’ve learned that the Lobo spinoff, which we were led to believe was dead, could find a new home elsewhere. In which case, maybe that show could continue on with this huge change to the timeline instead?