Lady Sif TV Show In The Works For Disney Plus


Late last year, it was officially confirmed that Tom Hiddleston will be reprising his role as Loki in a spinoff TV series coming to Disney’s new streaming service Disney Plus (albeit, as the narrator of the show). Despite the God of Mischief’s huge popularity, this will be the first time that the anti-villain has headed his own vehicle, meaning there’s a good opportunity here to both expand Loki as a character and the Asgardian mythology as a whole.

Given that, fans have long suspected that Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif, one of Thor’s best friends who unfortunately wasn’t even mentioned in Ragnarok, could make a return as well, perhaps in a supporting role in the Loki show. Well, get ready for some huge news, because what we’ve got is even better than that.

According to Discussing Film, Sif is indeed coming back and won’t just be a side player in another show but rather, she’s getting her own series to headline. Said to be in early development, it’s unclear where on the MCU timeline this project will take place, but we know that Kevin Feige’s set to produce and Alexander will be reprising her role.

Details beyond that remain hard to come by, but we know that as with the other already announced series, the budget for this one will be about $100 million and it’ll run for 6-8 episodes. Presumably, some of the other Asgardians who haven’t been given enough screen time over the years might make an appearance as well, but that’s just speculation on our part. For now, the only confirmed character is Sif herself.

Speaking of which, it’s a bit surprising to learn that Alexander is getting her own show to headline, as she was never as big a part of the MCU as some of the other characters who are receiving their own limited series. Nevertheless, fans always enjoyed having her around and it should be interesting to see how Marvel chooses to expand on Lady Sif‘s story now that she has her very own TV show to lead.