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Latest Fantasy News: ‘House of the Dragon’ weighs heavy on fans’ minds as viewers turn their attention to ‘Shadow and Bone’ and other fantasy endeavors

Both of the year's linchpin fantasy theories have come to an end.

Picture of Daemon Targaryen
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Fantasy fans are still reeling from the climactic conclusion to season one of House of the Dragon. The HBO series went out with a bang on Sunday, leaving viewers wanting more, but with a lengthy wait before season two arrives.

Fans are comforting themselves via the wealth of memes spawned by the show’s first season, and by diving head-first into theories about how the story will develop from here. Some of the most hotly-debated plot points may not play out exactly as fans think, but we likely won’t see the pay off for seasons yet. 

With no more House of the Dragon or Rings of Power to fill their days, fantasy fans are instead turning their focus to the myriad of other fantasy offerings currently airing. No major series are set to drop episodes quite yet, but shows like Wheel of Time and Shadow and Bone are already getting extra attention following House of the Dragon’s conclusion. The latter Netflix series is headed back with more in 2023, hopefully answering fan questions about Alina’s shift in hair color.

House of the Dragon fans ponder the vital prophecy

Image via HBO

A single, essential prophecy has existed at the core of each of HBO’s Westerosi series. That same prophecy was shared with Rhaenyra by her father, King Viserys, along with the massive responsibility it carries with it. The prophecy helps to tie the series to its predecessor, Game of Thrones, and might be vital in Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne, but it’s not quite as cut and dry as it seems. 

Alina is likely set for a bleaching in Shadow and Bone season two

Alina - Shadow and Bone cover
Image via Netflix

Shadow and Bone fans are eagerly awaiting the second season of Netflix’s adaptation of the beloved book series, particularly those with an eye on what’s yet to come in the story. The second book in Alina’s original trilogy sees the story shift settings rather drastically, and also sees a major shift in Alina’s appearance. The character’s hair color makes the change from dark to light following a massive display of power, and fans are wondering—thanks to a recent Instagram update from actress Jessie Mei Li—if season two will see the white-haired Sun Summoner’s debut.

Fans find comfort in memes following House of the Dragon’s finale

House of the Dragon has officially concluded its first season, leaving fans with likely more than a year to wait for season two. Thankfully, a wealth of memes is there to comfort them—and to poke fun at many of the best moments from the show’s first season.

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