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Latest Marvel News: A popular Marvel series is secretly Snap-ed as ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ courts a Multiverse of Madness of its own

Harvey Dent was right — the hero has lived long enough to become the villain.

Marvel's Runaways
Image via Marvel Studios

Disney Plus has been courting all the ire in the world since it decided to one-up Netflix at its own game. But just deleting beloved shows, some of which have barely spent a few months on the platform, and insulting the hard work that went into their creation wasn’t enough. The streamer just erased an acclaimed Marvel series without informing the fandom in advance, leaving fans to stumble upon the gaping hole in its wake on their own. 

Meanwhile, a fresh rumor regarding Avengers: Secret Wars kickstarted another wave of displeasure only to find itself facing hard, cold facts. And just because Disney Plus stirring up a hornet’s nest while another rumor threatens to dismantle another Phase Six project isn’t enough, a new MCU theory adds ‘downright stupid’ to Doctor Strange’s already suspicious actions in the fight against Thanos. 

Unlike all the mean streamers out there, we plan to keep no secrets from you. So, here you go:

Disney Plus and Hulu purge a beloved Marvel series in the dead of the night without any prior announcements

Marvel's Runaways Hulu
Image via Marvel Television

Because killing 50 TV series from its platforms wasn’t enough, the streamers decided to break more hearts by removing all three seasons of Marvel’s Runaways. Those hoping for the series and its brave heroes to be declared MCU canon are left experiencing yet another letdown. 

But what makes the betrayal sting, even more, is the fact that another Marvel show, which was a resounding critical and commercial failure, still lives on Disney Plus. Its mocking presence has only added insult to injury and made space for concerns that another unique Marvel offering on the streamer might be joining Runaways

A new Marvel theory makes Doctor Strange look like ‘Idiotic Supreme’

Image via Marvel Studios

There have been a million debates about Doctor Strange indirectly stressing to Iron Man that unless he sacrifices himself, there is no beating Thanos. Some theories have called him jealous of Tony while others have logically postulated that the other futures he saw the Avengers winning probably involved his death as well. So, he selfishly chose the one they win and where he doesn’t die. But if a new theory is to be believed, Doctor Strange doesn’t really possess the necessary brain cells to con anyone as he could have easily avoided being snapped out of existence in Avengers: Infinity War. 

The theory suggests that had he been in his astral form, he could have escaped being dusted. Thankfully, Doctor Strange stans don’t have to think of angry retorts as the theory has been successfully nipped in the bud

Avengers: Secret Wars’ fresh Sam Raimi MCU controversy called out for ignoring a crucial fact

Sam Raimi - Getty
Photo by L. Cohen/WireImage

At this point, Secret Wars is almost three years away, but rumors are already circulating that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness director Sam Raimi is being considered to helm the film. The mere whisper of the possibility has opened the old arguments about the Spider-Man 3 director messing up the Doctor Strange sequel with a problematic script that simply repeated the done and dusted WandaVision arc. 

But while MoM is indeed guilty of this glaring error, blaming Raimi would be neglecting a fact that majorly absolves him of his so-called crime

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