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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Jefferson White reveals the most intimidating cast member while ‘1923’ adds a new Dutton to the family tree

It’s interviews and new cast announcements and birthdays — oh my!

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Happy Thursday, Yellowstone fans; we’re officially more than halfway through the week, and Friday is so close we can taste it. Just like a beer (or three) on Rip Wheeler’s porch after a long day or a vodka on ice with Beth at the dinner table. We’re ready to put the hustle and bustle behind us and pretend to live our best Yellowstone/country lives for the weekend. Of course, we can’t do that without telling you the daily news from Taylor Sheridan’s universe, and today is full of exciting happenings. From 1923, Yellowstone’s upcoming prequel, adding a new Dutton to the family tree to Jefferson White talking about the intensity of working with Kevin Costner, we’re putting more pieces of the incredible story together. 

So please sit back, make some tuna helper, and relax because we’ve got you covered with today’s top Yellowstone stories. 

1923 adds an exciting new cast member

The 1923 cast continues to grow, and within the last week, fans have learned of several new additions that will continue filling out the Dutton family tree. 

From Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford to Marley Shelton and Brian Geraghty — the series is packed with star power. Today it was announced that another talented actor is joining the ranks. Brandon Sklenar joins the Dutton family as the nephew of Harrison Ford’s character, Jacob.

Sklenar’s character is named Spencer, and TVLine reports that he comes with some “heavy baggage” from traumas he witnessed in World War I. Mixing his past traumas with new troubles from the lawlessness, drought, and early great depression, the synopsis promises it’s all but guaranteed that Spencer won’t have an easy time on his journey through 1923. 

Jefferson White reveals the most intimidating Yellowstone cast member

Jefferson White sat down for an interview with Elliot Langridge from Life in Film to talk about everything from his soon-to-be-released project, God’s Country, to working on Yellowstone

The entire interview is a sweet look at White’s personality and the gratitude he feels for the work he’s able to do. He’s a talented actor who brings a lot to his projects with a genuine sense of relatability. In Yellowstone, White plays Jimmy, a character given a second chance to turn his life around — one he takes full advantage of. 

He’s also a character who is beyond intimidated by ranch owner John Dutton, played by the iconic Kevin Costner. White talked about playing that role of intimidation and how it didn’t take much acting at all; in fact, it’s something he likes about being the character. He doesn’t have to pretend not to be intimidated by Costner; he can embrace his genuine emotions on set and on screen. 

White describes it as almost an honor, and we have to say we’d agree. While he’s a talent and a gift to Yellowstone all his own, Costner is the kind of next-level actor you hope to learn from, and White isn’t letting the experience pass him by. 

Happy Birthday, Dave Annable

Lee Dutton, the fallen son of John Dutton, was played by Dave Annable. While he isn’t in more than two episodes, his character is significant to the storyline. His death was shocking; no one expected to lose a Dutton so soon, especially in such a layered way.

Lee was killed at the hands of Robert Long, Monica Dutton-Long’s brother. That’s right — Kayce’s brother-in-law killed Lee. To make the complicated situation even worse, Lee then aimed at Kayce, who had to save himself and protect his family, so Kayce then took Robert’s life.

To say that the impact left a mark on all of us is an understatement, but what happened next was heartbreaking. When John Dutton found out that his son had passed, he found a beautiful spot on the ranch, beside a tree, to rest with him. He spoke with Lee about his final resting place, picking out a good one and sitting with him through it.

After Lee has been cremated, John takes his son to visit his wife at her gravesite. He scatters his ashes and tells his wife he brought her some company. While it was not the company John wanted to get to her, it was a moment that meant a lot to him. He was able to give them both someone to spend eternity with.

So Lee’s impact o the series was a big one, and he is sorely missed in the Yellowstone realm. While his story arc was heartbreaking, he couldn’t have done a better job. Here’s to you — forever our Lee Dutton.

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