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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Jefferson White calls the series a ‘rare privilege’ as fans pray a legendary bull rider will buck his way onto the show

It’s an exciting Friday in the Yellowstone realm.

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It’s finally Friday, and we’re bringing even more joy to the end of your work week with some exciting Yellowstone news. From a meet and greet with everyone’s favorite ranch hand to more insider insight into Paramount’s number one series, there’s been a lot to be excited about. Jefferson White, who plays the beloved character Jimmy, shares more about his exciting and emotional road to Yellowstone. Learning more about the man behind the character has been a real treat. There’s also some exciting speculation regarding next season and a particular bull rider who might be making an appearance in the exciting 5th season. 

So please take a load off, grab an ice-cold beer, and envision yourself on Rip Wheeler’s porch while we enjoy the daily round-up of Yellowstone‘s week-ending news. 

Forrie J. Smith wants to meet you

Forrie J. Smith is having a meet and greet tonight in Baker, MT, at Thee Garage and Steakhouse for a fundraiser honoring Ann and Cory Efta. In addition to being an incredible cowboy in his own regard, Smith plays the role of everyone’s favorite ranch hand on Yellowstone. Lloyd has grown up with John Dutton and Rip Wheeler, and he’s the man they rely on the most. Smith brings an earnest and genuine look at

If you live close to Baker, the meet and greet kicks off at 5 pm, and all that’s required is a donation towards Ann and Cory Efta. Forrie’s Instagram account has more information and an important quote from the man himself:

“Fame and fortune mean absolutely nothing if you’re not doing things to help, from the heart.”

So who are Ann and Cory Efta? The heartwarming story behind his meet and greet will only make you a bigger fan of Smith’s. He met a girl named Ryleigh in 2021, and after handing him a letter that touched his heart, the two became friends. He’s been a point of contact for Ryleigh and someone who motivates her to be her best self. Cory and Ann are Ryleigh’s foster parents, and Smith notes that they’ve “fallen on very tough health and financial difficulties.”

He wanted to help the family, so he decided to put on the meet and greet to help the family and will donate everything to them. Talk about the heart of a cowboy!

Jefferson White provides more insight on Jimmy

Jefferson White, who plays the lovable Jimmy, continued speaking with Elliot Langridge about Yellowstone in a podcast interview this week. 

White says the cast is like a big family, and they’d have to be at this point — or fans would hope they are. The series means a lot to viewers, and knowing that they’re all a close bunch behind the scenes makes it even sweeter. White says that it’s been a privilege to work on a show like Yellowstone for several reasons. 

“Yellowstone has been it’s such a rare privilege to get to leave and come back and leave and come back and sort of continue to work with the same people with the same crew like it’s such a family at this point. Over the course of five years. You know, we’ve been making the show for like five or six years now. So it’s such a rare gift to get to come back to that family every summer you know?”

He talked about how they’re all getting older too, and that it’s sort of strange to age so much off-camera when time isn’t passing at the same speed during the series. They’ve been filming for six years, but not much time has passed in Yellowstone.

“We’re all getting older. It’s so funny. The other funny thing about being a chef like Breck and Meryl, who plays Tate, like he’s as tall as I am now. I knew that kid when he was like eight years old. You know what I mean? It’s so funny. It’s so strange; we’re all getting older.”

Could this legendary bull rider be headed to Yellowstone?

If you know anything about the cowboy lifestyle, the name Dale Brisby is one you’re quite familiar with. Brisby has a Netflix series, is a champion bull-rider, and his YouTube channel gives would-be ranchers insight into living their best lives, on the farm and off.

Brisby is also full of snark and sass, and it’s impossible to watch him without falling just a little bit in love with him. With Yellowstone giving guest spots to real cowboys and ranch hands, fans have wondered if Brisby would join the cast at some point.

In a Facebook video, Brisby was either stoking the fire or setting us all up for heartache as he donned a 6666 shirt and captioned a new video as follows:

“Soon as Jimmy needs help, I’m there!”

Brisby’s friend Donnie soon shows up and tells everyone not to believe that he works at the 4-sixes and that anyone can buy that shirt at the supply house.

The hilarious interaction ends with Brisby promising they will still be doing some heavy ranching. The 6666 Supply House shared the video, too, and said they laughed before telling followers that they could own a piece of merch from the shop.

So will Brisby be bucking into Yellowstone next season? Fans can certainly cross their fingers and hope for the best. The 6666 Ranch has been a staple in Jimmy’s character arc, and Brisby’s attitude fits right in. He’d be perfect in helping to mold Jimmy into the cowboy John Dutton knows he can be.

While Brisby is also a widely loved comedian, we’re not going to hold our breath. Still, it’s something interesting to keep an eye on as fans wait for the upcoming season and new exciting episodes on the horizon.

Season five kicks off with a two-hour television event on Nov. 13, and fans can’t wait to see what happens with the Dutton family, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, and the glorious promise of the family getting a win — with all of the work they’ve been putting in, they deserve one.

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