Killian Scott Replaces Aden Young As Lead In Damnation


It seems that the new drama for USA Network – Damnation – hit upon some early bumps in the road, as it was confirmed that the lead role has been re-cast. Originally set to star Aden Young (Rectify), the show will now be led by Killian Scott (71), with filming for the pilot already underway.

The brand new drama is created by Tony Tost, who previously delivered the popular series Longmire. With Tost writing the series, USA Network has confirmed that David Mackenzie (Hell Or High Water) will be in the director’s chair. It’s set in the 1930s and centres on the character of Seth Davenport (Scott), who arrives in a community deep in the American heartland and presents himself as an Iowa preacher.

In truth, he plans to ignite a full-scale insurrection to up-end the status quo – which benefits the wealthy and the greedy, and oppresses those that already struggle. A local tycoon takes steps to preserve his fortunate position, however, and hires a professional strike-breaker to end the revolt – by any means necessary.

It’s a classic tale of conflict that promises a fascinating parallel between the social and economic issues of eight decades ago, and those that continue to play out today. With a new actor now firmly in place in the lead role, Damnation will hopefully arrive on our screens sooner rather than later.