Leaked Image Reveals First Look At Wonder Girl In Titans Season 2


Conor Leslie debuted as Donna Troy during the last quarter of Titans season 1, but she never got the chance to suit up as her superhero alter ego Wonder Girl. Thanks to this leaked image, though, we now know that Donna’s set to get back into action in season 2, and we also know what her costume will look like.

The snap down below shows Leslie as Wonder Girl, revealing that she’ll wear a pretty comic-accurate suit on the DC Universe series. The bright red color scheme adorned with golden stars is plucked right from the classic interpretation of the character. Though understandably, the look’s been modernized somewhat to make it less revealing.

Donna was introduced in episode 8 of season 1, which was fittingly titled “Donna Troy.” It revealed that she and Dick Grayson were childhood best friends as Donna would often hang at Wayne Manor when Batman and Wonder Woman were on Justice League duty. In the present day, however, Donna had left Diana Prince’s side and was now an investigative reporter. It seems that something draws her out of retirement, though, in season 2.

A costumed Wonder Girl is just one of the many fan-pleasing things that the next run looks set to deliver. After all, Superboy and Krypto were also teased to be on the way in the final scene of the season 1 finale. What’s more, reports are saying that none other than Deathstroke will be the main villain of the show’s sophomore run. He’ll be joined by his kids, Ravager and Jericho, too, who’ll also fill out the Titans’ ranks.

In keeping with Titans‘s grounded tone, the series’ take on Slade Wilson looks to be very different from the traditional portrayal of the supervillain. A character breakdown has described him as a dedicated military and family man who’s driven to seek vengeance on those that betrayed him and forced him into early retirement. How exactly he comes to face the Titans we don’t yet know, but he should have a good fight on his hands, what with extra muscle like Wonder Girl and Superboy joining the team.

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