Leaked Screenshots From Marvel’s First Inhumans Trailer Cast Light On The Royal Family

Excitement for Marvel’s Inhumans series is beginning to reach a fever-pitch – and for good reason.

Over the past few days, Internet sleuths have uncovered a handful of screengrabs, not to mention a detailed trailer description, indicating that Marvel is now on the verge of showcasing the show’s first full trailer to the masses. Still nothing to report on that front just yet, but Spoiler TV (via CBM) has uncovered the next best thing: a raft of screenshots that essentially offers a play-by-play breakdown of that promo in question.

Embedded above, you’ll be able to take a closer look at Marvel’s Royal Family as they’ll appear in the ABC series, and though a vocal minority has raised concern over the character’s costumes and general set design, Disney’s Mark Endemano is confident that Inhumans will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen come out of Marvel Studios – in terms of television, at least.

One thing’s for sure: Iwan Rheon’s Maximus the Mad is up to no good. Indeed, if the show’s foreboding first teaser had Maximus cooking up a plot to overthrow his older brother (Black Bolt, played by Anson Mount), here we see Rheon’s saboteur in action, as he holds Medusa (Serinda Swan) at gunpoint. How exactly that power struggle will play out remains to be seen, but if nothing else, these pictures have us cautiously optimistic that Inhumans can serve up family drama in spades.

Marvel and ABC will introduce viewers to Inhumans with a two-part IMAX premiere on September 1st, before all eight episodes descend on the small screen sometime in the fall. The storied history of Marvel’s Royal Family makes for interesting reading – initially hatched as a feature-length addition to the MCU, the studio later repackaged Inhumans to be an ABC series replete with cinema-quality visual effects – and the end product is one TV series you absolutely don’t want to take your eye off.

Source: Spoiler TV