Marvel’s The Inhumans Will Reportedly Be “Unlike Anything” We’ve Ever Seen Before On TV

Inhumans was originally going to be a Phase 3 release, but for reasons which still aren’t entirely clear, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige decided against bringing these characters to the big screen. That’s a shame, because it’s easy to imagine the likes of Black Bolt and Medusa fitting in well with The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. On the plus side, though, the characters will still join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, albeit on television.

In a unique collaboration between Marvel TV and IMAX, the first two episodes will be shown on IMAX screens worldwide before making the leap to ABC, and a great deal of money is being spent to ensure that Inhumans stands apart from the likes of fellow Marvel shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Defenders. That’s something which was emphasized by Mark Endemano, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Media Distribution, in a recent interview, when he said the following:

“I promise you, this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before on television, It brings a richness and depth of storytelling.”

That’s a bold claim, but one which could be proven correct if the show boasts a big budget and strong storytelling. That latter point may not be enough for some fans though, especially as recent set photos – such as those featuring Medusa with a radically different hairstyle – have already left a sour taste in the mouths of some.

With shooting well underway, we’ll probably see something official from Inhumans relatively soon, especially now that a premiere date has been set. We’re just hopeful that it’s promising enough to win over the sceptics and prove that, yes, this show really is going to be unlike any other superhero adaptation to grace the small screen.