Marvel’s Inhumans Gets A New Premiere Date And Logo

Marvel’s no stranger to ambitious projects. Captain America: Civil War was certainly groundbreaking in many ways and now, the studio looks to one up that with Avengers: Infinity War. Hell, the whole concept of a cinematic universe in and of itself is ambitious, as no one had really done it before. At least, not in the way that Marvel is. It’s not only on the big screen that we’re seeing ambition though, as the studio is now gearing up to bring Inhumans to television and it’s starting to sound like something pretty unique.

Set to premiere in IMAX theatres, with the first two episodes shooting on IMAX cameras and boasting cinema-quality visual effects, the show is going to be quite unlike anything we’ve seen on the small screen before. And while we haven’t had the chance to lay eyes any photos or footage just yet, filming is now underway in Hawaii and the marketing machine is getting ready to kick into gear. It still may be a while before we get that first trailer, but what we do have for you today is the official premiere date along with a new logo.

Originally, we were told that Inhumans would debut on September 4th, but now we’re hearing that it’ll actually arrive on September 1st. It’ll then play in IMAX theatres for two weeks before premiering on ABC later in the month to begin its eight-episode run. So, pretty much what we expected then, but it’s still nice to get an official date.

In addition to that, we’ve also got a new logo for the show. It’s more or less the same as the one that was going to be used for the scrapped film, but it’s got a bit of an updated look and a little more shine to it. Nothing that’ll stop the presses of course, but it’s good to see that things are finally coming together and hopefully, it won’t be too much longer now before we get our hands on some official footage from Inhumans – or at least something other than blurry set photos.