Legends Of Tomorrow Casts Courtney Ford As Damien Darhk’s Daughter


As the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow draws near, we learn more and more about how Vixen seems to be the backbone of the show’s third year. Still, we fully expect the Arrowverse to broaden, a certainty reaffirmed by the latest round of casting news.

If you’re current on other popular shows airing on The CW, odds are that you’ve acquired some familiarity with actress Courtney Ford by now. Just last season, she played Kelly Kline, a recurring character on Supernatural and mother to Lucifer’s baby.

But despite her onscreen death near the end of the popular horror series’ season finale last May, she’s seemingly found herself in the network’s favor and has quickly landed work on another one of their prime time favorites as various other actors have.

This time, she’s playing Eleanor, daughter of Damien Darhk. Scheduled to first appear in episode 3×05, Entertainment Weekly describes her as follows:

Eleanor, who is smart and cunning with a charming dose of otherworldly creepiness — think Wednesday Addams all grown up. Her innocent looks can be disarming, but it’s all an act. This woman is dangerous with an uncanny ability to manipulate others, and is able to tell people exactly what they want to hear. She’s highly intelligent and is always several moves ahead. Her unique dark talents all stem from the fact that she is Damien Darhk’s daughter.

Oddly enough, Ray Palmer – who’s played by Ford’s real life husband, Brandon Routh – will have “an unexplainable attraction to” her. That said, we’re quite intrigued to see how she factors into things and what time period she resides in.

In the past, we met another of Damien’s daughters, Nora, over on Arrow, but she was just a kid. But, much like his League of Assassins rival, Ra’s al Ghul, it stands to reason that he’s fathered more than one child during the many years he’s walked the Earth.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.