Legends Of Tomorrow Will Reveal Sara’s Adventures After Her Abduction

Legends of Tomorrow

One of the most entertaining things about Legends of Tomorrow is the lack of certainty regarding what madness its titular misfits are going to get into next. The closing moments of season 5 saw Sara being pulled into the sky in a column of light while everyone else was apparently too drunk to notice, with many viewers’ immediate assumption of her having been abducted by aliens later confirmed. Despite her being separated from the main team, though, it’s been assured that in the next season, Sara will not be absent from the proceedings.

Speaking at DC FanDome, EP Keto Shimizu assured fans that they “won’t be losing Sara” and that episodes will still show what’s happening to her, just temporarily separated from everyone else. It was also stated that without the White Canary, things don’t go well for the team, who are also down another member following Charlie’s departure. As well as being the captain of the Waverider and the one who generally keeps the unlikely setup continuing to (mostly) function, Sara is one of only two members of the original lineup still remaining (three if you count Gideon), so her absence is not something that will be easily overcome.

Of course, the Legends have already dealt with an alien threat in “Invasion!,” the three-part 2016 Arrowverse crossover which saw extraterrestrial race the Dominators intend to destroy Earth’s metahumans along with millions of ordinary people as collateral damage. We’re highly unlikely to see a reprise of the destructive antagonists, though, with season 6 instead most probably featuring something suitably outlandish that fits with what we’ve come to expect of the series.

Information on exactly what form Sara’s abductors will take is sparse, with a theory suggesting that rather than aliens, she was actually taken by time travelling glory hunter Booster Gold. However, with Legends of Tomorrow always ready to provide the most preposterous and entertaining possibilities of any given scenario, whatever happens to Sara before being reunited with her friends will be worth tuning in to see.