Legends Of Tomorrow Theory Says Booster Gold Is Coming In Season 6

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

Legends of Tomorrow season 5 ended on a big cliffhanger when it aired its finale earlier this month. After they’d defeated the Greek Fates, the team thought their troubles were over, but things went south when Sara Lance, their captain, was abducted by aliens. This seemed to promise that, after a season focused on the mystical and the supernatural, season 6 would turn its sight back to science fiction. But could that mean another familiar DC hero is finally on the way?

ScreenRant has offered a bold new theory that suggests none other than Booster Gold could be appearing on Legends next year. SR wonders if the alien abduction concept is just to throw us off the scent and Sara has really been abducted by Booster. After all, fans have been waiting for the time-traveling hero to show up in the Arrowverse for years now, especially on Legends due to his connections to the team. Most notably, team founder Rip Hunter is Booster’s son in the comics.

Michael Jon Carter used to be a failed football star in the future, until he stole some advanced tech and travelled back to the present-day to make a name for himself as the hero Booster Gold. SR pitches the idea that the Arrowverse’s Booster stole a Waverider-esque time ship and that’s what Sara finds herself on in the season 5 finale. But why would he abduct her in the first place?

As said above, Booster is all about fame and expanding his brand, so it’s possible that he brings Sara on board his ship to request that he join up with the Legends in order to boost his own “reach” and hero status. Alternatively, he could be intervening and removing her from the timestream before the Legends inevitably screw something up again and mess with history. Either way, he’d no doubt end up joining the gang, filling one of the spots left by Charlie, Ray and Nora.

At present, there’s no concrete evidence that Booster Gold could be coming to Legends of Tomorrow, but we’ve seen more and more major DC characters appear in the Arrowverse of late, so who knows?