Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Will Acknowledge Vixen Animated Series


If you’re one of the diehard fans of the Arrowverse, odds are that you’re already well aware of how it’s expanded beyond live action television adventures. In fact, it’s spilled over into comic books, novels and even animated web series, the first of which was Vixen, an endeavor that was later cut together as one seamless animated movie.

So, knowing that whether it be Mari McCabe or her time traveling grandmother, Amaya, the mantle of Vixen has been an important one at that when it comes to the DC TV shows that call The CW home. To date, both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow have acknowledged that the aforementioned web series is canonical, with the former having seen Oliver Queen speaking of “an animated encounter.” Kudos go to the writers for utilizing such an obvious pun.

When it comes to Legends, though, it was Ray Palmer who spoke fondly of meeting Mari in a conversation with Nate Heywood last season. Not surprisingly, it’ll be him that once again gives a callback in season 3, this time discussing incoming villain Kuasa. Here’s what executive producer Marc Guggenheim had to say on that front when recently speaking with Entertainment Weekly:

“If you go back and look at Vixen season two, I wouldn’t exactly call her fighting alongside Ray, she’s always been morally questionable. But I think that’s what makes it interesting as far as Amaya is concerned is that Ray, at the appropriate moment, will accurately tell her that there were moments where Kuasa was capable of selfless good, so I think that gives Amaya a little bit of hope.”

Given the repeated acknowledgments of Vixen, we can only wonder if CW Seed’s next animated web series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, will also overlap with the live action side of things. And taking into account the first teaser we’ve been offered for this fall’s big crossover, we’d say there’s a good possibility of that happening.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.