Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 May Feature A Young Donald Trump


Already, we know that Legends of Tomorrow‘s fourth season is shaping up to be something else, what with Matt Ryan’s John Constantine and Jes Macallan’s Ava Sharpe being promoted to series regulars. Still, the producers will have to rack their brains figuring out which other historical figures they’ll have to factor into the time traveling show in the next year.

In the past, I was one to complain about how such men and women were included, with their appearances feeling more like something out of Bill & Ted rather than what I’d expect out of a DC product. Fortunately, Legends really hit its stride this year, as one of the things key to its success was a more organic inclusion of yesteryear’s biggest movers and shakers.

In fact, the most recent episode to have aired included a young Barack Obama, an idea I first cringed at when it was announced. But to my amazement, we were witness to less of a team-up and more so a story that the man who would go on to become the United States’ 44th president just happened to be a part of. Plus, you have to admit that hearing “run, Barry, run,” in a different context was pretty amusing.

Of course, this has naturally caused Arrowverse fans to wonder if the current president, Donald Trump, will pop up at some point. When TV Line brought up the possibility in a recent conversation with executive producer and showrunner Phil Klemmer, he had this to say:

“Um… I think you just guaranteed it,” Klemmer answered, chuckling. “I’d love to see a mid-’80s Trump. It’d be a blast.”

Now, the 1980’s aren’t a time period the Waverider crew are strangers to at this point, but that does seem fitting for a younger version of Trump. Captains of industry really were viewed as celebrities, especially in the era of Reaganomics, so it just might work.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.

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