Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 Will Feature A Baby Yoda-Inspired Episode

Legends of Tomorrow

Something that marks Legends of Tomorrow apart from the rest of the Arrowverse series is its tongue-in-cheek attitude, with the time-traveling show often poking fun at other parts of pop culture. And, in season 6, it looks like Legends will take a potshot at hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian – specifically, Baby Yoda, who’s conquered the world with his cuteness. In typical style, though, the Legends version of Grogu will be evil.

Showrunner Phil Klemmer revealed this fun bit of news to ComicBook.com. The EP explained that this Baby Yoda-type alien will turn out not to be as sweet as he looks and the critter will somehow mess with the timeline – this is Legends, after all – and tinker with the life of Behrad (Shayan Sobhian), leading to his teammates having to work to restore him to his original self.

“It features a very adorable, animatronic alien, who unfortunately is not as sweet as Baby Yoda,” Klemmer explained. “But it also explores a timeline in which Behrad’s origin story is compromised by this alien, and he becomes a different person. All of a sudden, the Legends, including or even primarily Zari, realize that ‘oh my God, this laid-back stoner, yoga-posing peacenik that we all take for granted is being replaced by something quite different, and now it’s like, ‘how do we get Behrad back?'”

Fans should be pleased to hear that they’re getting a Behrad-centric episode in the new run. Though he’s been part of the show since his arrival at the end of season 4, following his resurrection after another timeline change, the character has yet to step into the spotlight. He was credited as a recurring star in season 5, but he’s about to be promoted to regular this year. Expect Behrad to be bullied by Fake Baby Yoda in episode 9 of the upcoming run, which is titled “This is Gus.”

After a couple of seasons that went heavy into magic and mysticism, Legends will return to its sci-fi roots now as the main threat will be extraterrestrial. If you can remember that far back, season 5 ended with Sara Lance being abducted by aliens, and we’ll get to find out what happened to her when Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW in just under a month’s time on June 22nd.