Legends Of Tomorrow Showrunner Hints At Another Cast Member Exit


Legends of Tomorrow reaches its third season finale next week and it promises to feature more heroes than ever. As well as another guest appearance for Jonah Hex, there’s a welcome return for ex-Firestorm Jax and a role for John Constantine, too, setting up his promotion to series regular for season 4. The finale won’t just be full of reunions, however, but will also feature a tragic goodbye. That’s right, one crew member of the Waverider is set to leave the show.

That’s what Legends producer Phil Klemmer has revealed while talking to TVLine. “There’s heartbreak in the finale. A Legend leaves,” he said. The showrunner then helpfully narrowed it down to two candidates, as he teased that the romance between Amaya Jiwe and Nate Heywood would come to an end in the finale.

“As far as her and Nate, I don’t know if love is made to last in the world of the Legends,” said Kelmmer.

Out of these two characters, it would perhaps make the most sense for Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ Vixen to leave the Waverider, as the heroine has to return to her own time at some point to ensure that her granddaughter Mari McCabe, the 21st century Vixen, is born. That said, a recent episode saw Amaya change her granddaughter’s life in a major way by saving her home village in Zambezi.

On the other hand, the Waverider could get a bit testosterone-heavy if Vixen left and her seat on the time machine was replaced by Constantine. With that in mind, would it make more sense that Nate (Nick Zano) be the one to go? It’s possible, but again, there’s another factor to consider. Jes Macallan, who plays Time Bureau agent Ava, is also signing up as a regular in season 4, so that could redress the gender balance anyways.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see who stays and who goes when Legends of Tomorrow “The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly” airs on The CW this Monday, April 9th.

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